Government Provide special funds for the Religious places of minorities in Pakistan

The Punjab government will provide special funds for the religious places and welfare organizations of the minorities, Punjab Provincial Minister for Planning and Development Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that the Punjab government will provide special funds for the minorities, graveyards and their welfare upgrades so that the minority members of the assembly have their own constituencies and territories. They expressed their views while presiding over the meeting of Committee on Minority Development Funds constituted by Chief Minister.

The meeting was attended by Provincial Development Minister, Human Rights and Minorities Affairs, Tahir Khalil Sindhoo, Provincial Secretary, Human Rights, Asim Iqbal, Parliamentary Secretary Tariq Christ, Member Provincial Assembly Shahzad Munshi, Shakeel, Sardar Singh Roda, Zulfiqar Ghori, José Julius, Chief Minority Chief P & D Muhammad Altaf Baloch, Assistant Chief P & Hina Nawaz, Deputy Officer of Finance, and other concerned officers were present.

He said that in order to complete the development work in the Minorities circles, the development funds of more than Rs. 30 crores will be released from the package of Minister for Minority Affairs and for the final approval of the issuance of funds in this regard, Chief Minister Punjab Sending. The funds mentioned after the commission will be provided to minorities members.

Amid the Meeting, Provincial Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran guided the minority individuals to guarantee self-observing of the formative exercises in their own particular circles instantly subsequent to financing and finish them on first priority. The provincial minister further said that there are many problems in the minority population, but unnecessary suggestions related to development works can also be erased. They also assured the participants that the expenditure was spent only to fund the minority issues. What will happen Earlier, Provincial Minister for Human Rights and minority Affairs Tahir Khalil Sindho highlighted the minority issues, while the provincial secretary, Human rights and minority affairs, Asim Iqbal gave detailed briefing on the Chief Minority Development Packages.

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