We all know that Life is not a Bed of Roses, but full of Thorns meaning Battle. Those who take it seriously, sincerely accept to face and ready to forward in the right time, right step, upon can override along win-over all the situation. Such a real along practical plot try to place before you all, so that the plot help us to lift up along glory happen toward Heavenly Kingdom by our life journal too.Truth is always painful, upon acceptance and forward understanding way its core root which helps us to pave up along trackout not only in gloom, but even in dark and dirt too. In my life such situation always wrapped up and blocked me in my early age various way too. Yet I accepted along trying to reach cause and effect base core root to find out the solution which helped me to explore the new theory to meet the challenges which mostly come before us as clouds come in the sky. I mostly shared in person and in the media and witnessing base too that I was not only an orphan but more than that, I was  made in an orphan. So I have to face unknowingly injustice, discrimination, humiliation hidden secret way within family, societies, neigbours along cousins. But I never cared about such things which did not help me to move on, it is also truth that such a injustice along negative aspects of my so called cousins dramatic scene plot was reached before Living Lord Almighty Eye. So the grace, kind and mercy along His Eye of Heavenly Father was always on me hidden secret way unknowingly. Later I discovered that “when ceiling of injustice reach on an unexpected level automatically spontaneous base new theory developed and the same theory helps to meet challenges in the race of Theology and Theory track of that age who dare to came stand against Righteousness directly as challenge. At the same time I discovered how Holy Spirit along Evil Spirit work and forward hidden secret way in the battle field as well as Human life too the same secrecy to open up more or less, which impacts fall badly in nations along international of this globe too, which are often we read such incident mostly happened in this world one corner to another corner small to big nation none can escape such panic scene always threat along stand as challenge toward humanity and who forward on an advance basement, are able to get an award or a medal. My battle was started when I felt in my heart humiliation by orphanage word along the same tag which was associated with me and which I carried that is not because of my own causes and weaknesses. I was always aware the same tag shouldn’t be hanged and carried by my coming generation. My battle started that Bench Mark point and upon marriage and been couple the same Evil Spirit virus planning wise side effect way forward try to advance Theory basement destroy jeopardy base generation after generation slavery way which way king Pharoo regime in Egypt forward unknowingly unexpected ceiling of injustice way. So I left my own village as on small Land Lord way so many land was there in my part too. But plan along desire of Heaven was different in my life along my coming generation. Till before marriage I was innocent I was not aware along not cared about the past incident of family matter which I thought these all are our traditions and costumes anyway we have to follow. Till that moment I was not a Christian yet and didn’t read the Bible too and the Characters of the Bible along the stories were unknown to me. Yet for the sake of fame and name of family along coming generation another kind of spirit grew and revived inner sphere of me and dared to face all the challenges how in wilderness Israelites were suffering in the desert, I also was in the high risk deserted wilderness bound to bear and face alone for a time being, which way His future heavenly generation planned and project prepared to forward ever base. How Evil Spirit forward in life upon been made orphanage must have to shared otherwise all will be meaningless. Upon being Orphan one is bound to think two times of meal, but Evil spirit advance theory base so much ahead forward planning wise that generation after generation on ever base try to reign and rules enforcing slavery way to them cruelly as on Egypt did by Egyptian Regime King Pharoo 440 year plot basement. So after knowing Advance Theory and exercise easily can override and defeat the Evil by Holy Spirit upon open up which were before work hidden secret way in human life. So upon reading the Bible the designation of life and win any kind of situation in this earth, if we follow as on how a hundred tiers building too to built one must follow design and drawing, if not then will break down and be destroyed anytime. Similar happens in our life context too, if not follow properly as on Bible basement any moment may destroy, the person how much may be rich, how much may be talented.Diaspera of humanity should earth to sky, water to soul along with life to light and love. Technically along interactively win-win base in balance should forward in practical which help to grow global family way along bear more fruit of fraternity, a brotherhood which are element of humanity of ever base.


So we always when any time we get opportunity we must participate fellowship, read Bible similar to how we eat bread regularly and try to meditate on verses which help us keep spirit along explore new ideas, new things, innovations along inventions which lift us up to enjoy a blessed life on earth, like glory happened in the Heavenly Kingdom too and jsticetoo got from top heaven as on King Hijikia’s way ever base. Ultimately in conclusion we must focus along exercise an Advance Theory basement forward strategically in practical to face the challenges who stand against righteousness reach hidden secret core root of Evil. God bless us all the time.


Mr. Lucas Narayan Shrestha

Anglican Christ Church Nazarene Nepal

Dhobighat-4, Lalitpur.



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