I am a trash picker who does not have status in the society where I live. People treat me like trash and dust in society. I wear fancy clothes which have several holes and I found in the waste of the fancy market. I eat in a high standard restaurant where people throw their leftover food. They have given me the title of “Trash Picker” which I have to maintain during my life. There are some criteria to maintain this position.


First, we should have a high level of tolerance because people insult us and we have to tolerate this.  They think that we are the useless people of this world who do not have any value. There are many INGOs and NGOs working for equality and rights, however their work is only in the papers. Sometimes, they come and take our pictures and give us some chocolates.  But I do not know what they do with my pictures.


Even the dogs bark at us, and people shout at us. I am very confused!  They throw trash out but I pick it up for my livelihood and the cleanliness of society. For instance, one morning while I was walking on the street, I saw a rich person taking a dog out for toilet. That man can take the dog wherever it wants to go for toilet but I am barked at and yelled at for going where I want to pick up trash.  It seems to me that now rich people care for a dog more than human beings.  The next morning, while I was sleeping, somebody threw trash on top of me.  I could not do anything because he did not even treat me as a man. After sometime, people shouted at me. ThenI had to leave that place.  One day while I was walking and picking upwaste materials,I saw a gentle man with fine clothes. He threw some trash from the car.  Later, I saw him in the environmental cleanliness program giving a long speech on maintaining a clean society. I laughed in my heart but could not show it outwardly.


People see us as a big problem of society.  When I travel the roads of big multi-complexes, well-dressed dummies but without breath stare at me – a poorly clad man.  The security guards come yelling as if I was a robber. In spite of this, I pick up their trash. At night, different questions come to my mind, “Why am I like this and why do people hate me?”  I think it is because of my poverty. Nevertheless, I am glad nobody discriminates me because they think that I am not a human being but instead the trash of society. Indeed, people treat me as a non-living thing.  “Does God the Creator of this universe treat me the same as a human?””Why did He make me like this?”My spirit mourns and cries because of these thoughts.  I am counting the days of my life.


There are many people like this trash picker in our society to whom we have not given our attention and shown the love of Christ.  We think we have to share the gospel to our family, relatives, the families of villagers, and so on. According to the Bible, in Matthew 25:31-46Jesus talked about the reward given to those who feed poor people, give clothes to naked people,meet the prisoners and the sick people to show the love of Christ. They are praised and admired by the Lord Jesus in the day of judgment. Whereas people who did not do this are thrown in the lake of fire.This is a big challenge for us to share the gospel to all and love the overlooked people too. Jesus died for each person and the poor people also are the creation of God. It is very important to pray for and show the love of Christto them too.

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